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ISEMED employees have been chosen to cover the roles we offer with the maximum expertise and professionalism available in the consultancy market. Each consultant has the duty and responsibility of updating themselves on the matters of their competence. For this reason ISEMED is the ideal partner to cover any roles which are not covered by the staff in your company, thereby lightening your operating structure.

We resolve the issues related to the production and “the placing on the market” of your medical devices, only when required. We deal with the solution of your problems only for as long as needed. Only in this way you can guarantee your organization with the skill levels typical of a hyperstructured company without having to bear the costs and complexity involved.

In performing our work, the improvement of company know-how is the main goal and added value that we aim to achieve. We have no reservations in sharing our knowledge, because the foundations of our professionalism are based on continuously updating technical, regulatory and legislative aspects.


ISEMED falls within the range of services to companies with the aim of providing effective support and maximum expertise to Italian companies, especially those operating in the medical devices field, facilitating technical, financial, commercial and regulatory development.

ISEMED takes inspiration from the most tested concepts for the planning and running of its activities, to create a company based on the principle of efficiency of the outcome as a basic element of growth and efficiency.The cornerstone of ISEMED’s aim is to create a positive, proactive "environment” oriented on the expansion of personal and professional values, focusing on:

  • L’Honesty and personal and professional integrity
  • L’Enthusiasm and passion in their work
  • L’Humility and commitment in the approach to problems
  • L’umiltà e l’impegno nell'approccio ai problemi,

  • Protection of the customers’ interests,

  • Maximum cooperation and assistance,

  • L’Attention to detail,

These values are the common heritage of each professional working or involved in ISEMED.

Regarding these values and principles:


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  • FHC Neural microTargeting Worldwide
  • Frii Medical LTD
  • Parascript, LLC
  • ResMed

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